Thursday, August 20, 2009

I need some Fresh Air...

It's official! My first line has been added to my etsy shop. Decorators, meet Fresh Air: a collection of pieces meant to bring the beauty we see outside into our space inside! The use of popular, large silk flowers and feathers livens up the room-and this is all just in time for winter to come and take it all away! Below are a few pieces. More to come!

Picture frames are a great way to showcase your memories-but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! These plexi glass and gold edged 4X6 frames are decorated to compliment whatever beautiful memory you decide to showcase in them. The damask fabric swatch (included with each frame) is a great way to liven up the photo as well. Simply mount the photo in the center of the fabric and you have a work of art!

Meet my shadow box creations! They come in all different colors and with a variation of items adorning (and sometimes spilling out of) the inside. Hang one on a wall, or combine with other designs to create a unique look! All the other rooms will be jealous...

So folks, check out these and other designs from my Fresh Air line at my etsy shop! And stay tuned...because there is always more to come!



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